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Gecko Noises


Mantidea|14|Cis ♀| prolly heteroflexible or hetero| gay for tomatoes


I'm a teen with a passion for drawing and being a general odd dorko
Born in 3/27 ♥

Please talk to me and call me Tida ♥ (get it? "Mantidea"? I'm clever)

More about this bugecko person♥



Hello I'm a giant dork who squeaks if poked and is permanently stuck between gore and glitter

Although I don't watch sitcons I am attached to cartoons and Junji Ito (or any other horror manga I can find around)

I love stuff like MLP, Lilo and Stitch, AAAHH!!! Real Monsters, FHIF, am a slut for Pig Goat Banana Cricket and nostalgic for things like Cyberchase and Spliced

I miiiiiiiiight try on NSFW if I have courage, because I kinda want to, but for now I'm a SFW artist
I LOVE critics on my artwork, as long as they're constructive of course, because that'll help me grow into a bigger artist ♥

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Super cool peeps ♥


Drown them in love



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Some updates for my commissioners

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 22, 2017, 3:14 PM
I'm sorry I've left most of you waiting so long, I must blame myself entirely.
I've lost interest in ponies for a LONG ass time so.... I didn't know how to handle with most of them.
Though, I've also been jumping from interest to interest and this made me easily unfocused and selfishly drawing or writing stuff for myself. Can't let the fact I've been playing pkmn moon almost this entire month tbh
Also, from Nymph Breedable CLOSED!! by MantisLadyMystery Egg Batch (CLOSED!!) by MantisLady I'm well aware I'm awfully delaying the delivery of these ponies, but as I explained above I was distracted by myself and my lack of interest in the pony stuff. Not to mention our community is shit and I just took a break
I also can't just binge draw all the shit I'm supposed to in one night, I've slept rather early during these days and woke up at 11 am. I never remember what I HAVE to do, fucking never
Therefore, I know you guys paid for these, the adopts or the art, but I've been kinda out there floaty durpy so idk, I have no excuses but "sorry, I just kinda suck". When I can do them, I will. And won't lie about my delays, I know they've been extensive.
T H E R E F O R E I hope you can bear with me for some more days or weeks, but I assure your stuff will come. If not, I'll be sure to give your money back

I'm sorry I'm a mess

  • Watching: the haunting hour

Mlp suggestions?

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 14, 2017, 6:20 PM
Idk I really want to go back into this but I have no inspiration

Throw just-for-fun next gen ideas at me, shipping ideas, interactions, silly scenarios, poses, or simply a character or expression

Also commissions will be started asap, I'll just kinda binge everything and work on every one of them at once if possible 

  • Watching: the haunting hour

k I have a few ideas, pick your fav! 

22 deviants said Derpy x Luna
12 deviants said Dash x Sunset
11 deviants said (Adult) Applebloo x Sweetie belle
9 deviants said rarity x twi
8 deviants said Pinkie x Celestia

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Dark Matter by MantisLadycomment, fav and anything else♥

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Stuff for you ~♥

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Find me on~

Message me anytime

If ya ain't tired of my seing my scrub ass art everywhere I might create acounts in other places too ♥

♥ Webcam ♥



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